Our Business Age


Are you really sure of living in a world where the elements of competitive advantage are those that are constantly discussed and promoted?! What do you think is managing today’s business?! Certainly, not the aspects you generally consider.

Sure, society has changed a lot in the past few decades, but are you really sure you understand how?

Do you really believe that technology is the avant-garde of culture and business ?! Forefront technologies are not the avant-garde.

We are no longer in the InfoKnow Age and this can be demonstrated in different ways which might really surprise you.

In a reality not simply more complex, but new, creating value and acquiring new advantages, cyclically, can be done only if you know how to face, manage and perhaps overcome real ‘thinking battles‘. Yes, Thinking Battles. You have to know how to think, not better, but in an evolved way to decide, act and making in an evolved way.

Keep in mind that thought is conditioning. Always. Everywhere. Nothing more pragmatic, operational. Whether you are aware of it or not, it happens.

Your False Problems

  • The problem or challenge of digitization, the problem of innovation, the problem of strategy and the identification of opportunities, the problem of performance, as well as of change management, globalization and competition or continuous improvement, all of them have something in common: they are not problems.
  • They are symptoms or (side) effects of problems – real ones. Certainly, they are aspects and themes to think about, they condition our working lives and the projects of organizations, of course, but they are not causes.The challenges, difficulties, and “problems” of innovation are not an innovation problem, but are symptoms, effects of a Problem – the cause – which is not innovation itself. So it is for the other themes.
  • The statistics, in this regard, begin to show better and better the questionability, the critical issues, the dispersion, and the relevant consequences of the interventions carried out on these symptoms, precisely because they are considered and treated as problems, though they are not, leaving out the cause or causes , i.e. the real problems.

4+1: Real Problems

  • All the effects – the alleged “problems” – can be traced back to four real, fundamental, problems, or rather to 4 + 1 causes or constellations of true causes: real problems. These problems not only help the evolution of the thought of those who face them and treat them, but they also enable us to intervene with new and real value on what the usual effects, themes or challenges for business and management are: the symptoms.
  • A very important managerial profile – as well as those who want to develop a relevant managerial profile – fundamentally turns to and deals with these problems. It is the treatment and action on these problems that evolves the essential traits of a managerial profile and, as a consequence, of an entire organizational reality.

The problems are:

    • Age – the context, the reality – Problem
    • Uncertainty Problem
    • Definitive Value Problem
    • Execution Problem
  • Now, these problems have a common denominator or unique matrix, an underlying problem: Thinking Problems.
  • These 4 + 1 problems and their combination are specific to an Executive Philosopher.

The executive philosopher treats them and acts on them.



Don’t Assume, Think!

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