About Daniele’s work

  • Daniele offers and carries out an evolution – not a simple innovation or change.
    This evolution leads to a result: a Definitive operational Value – for managers and organizations.
  • Daniele Evolve what – and how – managers and organizations see, think and implement in order to take a concrete and exclusive advantage from reality and uncertainty, while satisfying the need for stability in emerging scenarios – not only critical and complex. It is the first and essential step in the direction of a Definitive Value and the development of autonomy and new managerial capabilities.
    This evolution is the fundamental trait of the interventions and sessions of an executive philosopher in which, among other things, comes to light the reason why leadership, innovation and performance are factors that are not even remotely sufficient to safeguard and prosper an organizational system , but only necessary, useful.

A Definitive operational  Value for managers and organizations

Daniele Mattia - Executive Philosopher

Thought and Execution bring Results and provide safeguard. All the rest are costs.

What is meant by evolution?

  • Evolution: not innovation or change, not progress, not improvement, not resilience.
    Evolution as a different interaction with the surrounding environment – interaction that regains an advantage lost or under discussion – and a contemporary mutation of the essence, of DNA.
    A discontinuous, heritable and without narratives mutation or trans-formation capable of promoting the safeguarding and asymmetric profitability of a given reality.
  • In the organizational and managerial world, what represents this essence and which allows this mutation, while allowing a different interaction with the surrounding environment is a pair of dimensions linked by a virtuous circle: Thought and Execution.


The evolution can only free itself from Leadership, from the Leadership industry, from the criticality and often lack of foundations of the programs related to it and from the concept of its indispensability regarding the protection and prosperity of a business.

Evolution frees itself from innovation and its flattening on technology and products / services and digitalization, as well as the illusion that follows, and frees itself from performance, this too, an illusory tool and benchmark for the salvation and growth of an organization.

All this because these elements are children of an era – the InfoKnow Age – in which the elements of competitive advantage turn out to be information, know-how, expertise, quality, speed, productivity, etc.

This is no longer the case. We no longer live in the InfoKnow Age, despite the fact that almost all managers, sector culture and mass media persist in reiterating it. The elements of competitive advantage – the same concept is questionable – and of safeguarding an organizational system are no longer those known and commonly debated and in reality our problems are no longer what we believe and in which we invest money and efforts.



We don’t have a Leadership problem. We don’t have an innovation or performance problem. We have always, and first of all, Thinking Problems.

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