If you…

  • want to evolve – not simply change, improve or innovate – your role, your team, or your organization, but you cannot make this possible in a reality where, pratically, all players – or at least the important ones – have the same tools, the same informations, the same knowledge, similar problems and goals.


  • want to protect your organization, role, or team in the face of: 1) progressive loss of control over the understanding of reality and the market as well as the real impact on these aspects; 2) growing feeling of continuous chasing and inadequacy of effort; 3) continuous inability to go beyond the usual adaptation to change and the physiological defense against uncertainty and critical scenarios.


  • are aware that you have to mature the definitive ability to formulate, cyclically, a competitive advantage, in a reality that you consider extremely complex and incredibly fast, but for this you need to see, think and implement in an evolved way, not simply different, better or innovative.

If you…


  • want a new, radical path/project for your organization, your team or for your professional growth, but the focus – and so the activities that follow – is still mainly on questions and needs such as: ‘How to improve performance?’, ‘How to be faster and more productive?’. How to analyze and predict better?’, Where to cut costs?’, How to be more agile?’, ‘How to become resilient?, ‘How to improve quality?’, ‘How to innovate?’, ‘What is the best kind of leadership?’.


  • need to get out of the usual cultural/managerial frame of reference in order to deal mainly with fundamental, decisive, management and business Problems, not with effects or symptoms, in order to mature a ‘Definitive Operating Value‘ in an age of ‘added values’.


  • have already reached great professional levels – or in the market for your organization – but you have the need, the desire, to implement a further, definitive, dimensional transition, of growth: an evolution. 

If you…


  • want to integrate, harmonize, really emancipate – not simply bring together, coesist or adapt – operations and organizational growth with the real protection of an entire ecosystem and possible socio-economic progress.


  • want to understand what lies beyond performance, leadership, informations, know-how, innovation, analysis and forecasting – and the criticalities and dysfunctions of these – and why, and how, this is fundamental, decisive, for the present and near future of your role and organizational reality.


  • are a professor/researcher or director of a Business School or Academy and you believe it is of fundamental importance for teaching, reasearch, and possible opportunities to deepen, compare with, discuss and integrate – or make available to students – what has new intent, new application and new value.

Well, for all these or related needs, or for completely new and radical challenges you need or want to identify, you can refer to evolution sessions, seminars, evolutionary projects, or private evolution talks: contact me.

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