A New Breed

Profile (in depth)

An executive philosopher is an executive philosopher. Not a consultant, not a trainer or coach. Not a philosopher who advises or deals with training or a philosopher who deals with coaching.

He is not a coach who has inserted philosophical ‘elements’ into his practice, he is not a consultant or counselor with philosophical training or who delivers philosophical advice, nor a trainer or academic who holds philosophy lessons in the company or discusses the philosophy of organizations.

It is a new professional figure with new Results and new Impacts.
A figure born in the space of overlap and deep bond between philosophy and business, management. A figure with approaches, interpretations, problems and solutions – real assets – placed outside the InfoKnow Age, outside the knowledge, methods and usual tools of classic figures.

Not a simple 'differentation'

Each professional figure is defined and distinguished from the others basically by 4 elements:

  1. The approach and the premises of existence - to what it does

  2. The problems and issues it faces

  3. A methodology of its own

  4. Own tools

It is natural that the distinction - and proximity - between one professional figure and another is delimited and clarified by these factors.

What distinguishes, for example, an engineer from a lawyer must be found precisely in these elements. Precisely these same elements help us to understand their respective identities and respective professional profiles.

Well, precisely on the basis of these elements an executive philosopher distinguishes itself from a trainer, a consultant or coach, who in turn are more similar to each other precisely on the basis of these same elements.

This distinction of the executive philosopher is not a simple differentiation or diversity from classic figures, but a new way of seeing, thinking and acting on the issues and problems of management and business: all this with real value – a definitive value – criteria, rigor and applicability.

This in function of a new business reality, not trivially more complex or faster, or digital, but emerged, which emerged as absolutely new. An emergence of a new reality that requires evolution, not change or resilience: an evolution.



Daniele Mattia - Executive Philosopher

If you want to evolve – not simply change or innovate – your business or profile/role, you have to act in an evolved way, and to act in an evolved way you have to Think, in an evolved way.

Daniele Mattia - Executive Philosopher

Thinking Battles

To thrive and survive in different cases – as managers, professionals, entrepreneurs – you need to start doing what you need most and which we least practice in the frenzy of contemporary business: really thinking, and in an evolved way, to decide and act in an evolved way.

This is because in the last 30 years we have progressively reduced our questions and thinking about the ordinary and almost always sought incremental improvements, often simplistic. Today efficiency, productivity, speed, quality and innovation, while remaining necessary are not enough.

Managers and organizations are called first of all to an awareness that makes them permeable to evolved reflection and that brings them back to thought as an ‘Tool par excellence’. This is because every day thought is what translates into decisions, actions, behaviors, processes, ways of interpreting one’s role, the market, the strategy, down to the realization of products and services. Things that significantly impact the profession, career and organization throughout.

That’s why if we want to evolve the business and the role we have to evolve our way of thinking and asking questions. To evolve our actions and the way we implement. And an executive philosopher takes care of answering the questions ‘if’ and ‘how’ it is possible to evolve a managerial or organizational profile.

Those who understand this also understand that what we live are basically Thinking Battles. Knowing how to stay in these battles, knowing how to win these battles is vital. To this thought and this way of acting leads an executive philosopher: a new breed of professionals in an emerging age of new problems.

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